There are many style of martial arts, karate, kungfu, and many others. Each of them are originated from one place. They usually differ in the way the practician land a hit on their enemies. Or it can also differ in which parts of the body is used as the main weapon. One of these style of martial arts is known as Pencak Silat. Pencak silat is one of the traditional martial arts of Indonesia. It's quite known originated from Betawi. In this post, I'll show an interview I've done with a Pencak silat master. Here it is.... 

Can you tell us a little history of the martial arts? Pencaksilat or silat is a traditional martial art that originated from Indonesia. This martial art is widely known in Indonesia in addition there is also in neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore and southern Thailand in accordance with the deployment of the various ethnic groups of the archipelago. Parent martial arts organization in Indonesia is the Indonesian Pencak Silat Associat…


Because, the function of the Forest is very important for life on earth. Forest functions the First is as the lungs of the world, that is the forest can absorb the Carbon dioxide gas which is harmful to humans and produce oxygen gas that is in need of human. The functions of the forest the second is as a source of economic, because we can rely on forest products like wood and other for in the if. Functions of forests the third is as a habitat for flora and fauna, in addition to are useful to humans forests also provide benefits to planst and animals as a place of residence for them, if there are no forests then they live where? The function of the forests the fourth is as a storage water, That is the will absord rainwater that fell and then in keep in roots of the tree. The benefits is very useful when the rainy season, forests can be used as controlling flood, the also very useful when the dry season when many future dry can flowed water. The function of the forests the fifth is as contro…


Hello guys, In this post I will tell you how to operate AutoCAD application . Since I'm a student of civil engineer of UNTAN AutoCAD is very important  to master. Because designing a buildings, roads, bridges, or any other structures will be easier using this application. While it's a difficult application to use, it also a convenient tool to make our life a little bit easier.

Langkah pertama yang harus kita lakukan sebelum dapat menggunakan ap- likasi AutoCAD 2009 adalah menjalankannya. Nah, untuk menjalankan ap- likasi tersebut ikutilah langkah-langkah berikut ini :
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