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Word Parts

Word Parts : Uni Example : Universal

1.         Find five words with uni in the puzzle and cicrle them. Check their meanings. See pages 97 if you need help.

            -           Universal

            -           Uniform

            -           Universe

            -           Unified

            -           University

2.         Complete the sentences below with the words from the puzzle.

            1.         Rita is a university student.

            2.         The desire for love is universal.

            3.         The universe began about 14 billion years ago.

            4.         East and West Germany wereunified in 1990.

            5.         At many schools, student must wear a uniform.

3.         Work with a partner. When do you think uni means ? Circle the corret answer.

            The answer : C. Single or one

3.         Reading Skills

A.        Pre-reading questions

1.         In what ways robots make our lives better in the future ? In what ways will they make our lives worse ?

Answer :

They will make our live better with helping us to do something in lot scale. For example, like folding robot, alarm robot, cutting machine. Because robots can do something that loop goodly, coz they are machine they work by program.

But they also can make our live worse. It aint using heart to make decision, they just follow the program that it make to in some perspective, maybe robot can make human lazier, coz human depending they necessary or daily work for the robot to do.

2.         What kinds of robots would you like to see ?

            Answer :


I even hear about a restaurant that using robot concept, they using a robot system to serve it customer. Is that on japan, the robot country, the future are on japan, i just even hhear and watch it on internet, but never see it alive.

B.        Reading

            Read the text. Highlight an interesting idea in each paragraph.

-          Paragraph 1 : Line 7-9

-          Paragraph 2 : Line 12-14

-          Paragraph 3 : 32-33

C.        Identifyig Topic and Main idea

Read the questions below and circle the correct answer according to the text.

1.      Which of the following best describes the topic of the text ?

Answer : C. Robots in the home

2.      Which of the following best describes the main idea of the text ?

Answer : A. Robot will improve our live in many ways.

E.        Identifying Unnecessary Information

Which one of the following three opinions would the author probably disagree with ?

Answer : A. All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more depndent on machines than ever.

On the text, the outhor suggest us about advantage of using machine (robots). But in the "A" option, that said about the disadvantage about using machine.

Going Beyond The Text

3.                  Look at the list of jobs below. Which are you happy for robots to do in the future ? Why or why not ?

·           Airline Pilot          : I won't need it. Because I cant believing hhuman live to a robot. If the robot have job to be a pilot, it means it carry our live, i think its dangerous.

·           Cook                    : I need it. Because the food will be prepared by them in the morning. We just sit and eat. And we could eat everything we want, just ask them to cook.

·           Doctor                  : No, I’m not. Because robot have no heart to make decision, and again it about human live.

·           Police Officer       : I think it’s good. Because robot programed, and it will have no mercy to criminalist and violators of law. But in science fiction movies that shows, a police robot maybe have some mistake on human activities recognation. And it give bad impact, but over all I think police robot is cool.

·           Singer                   : I think its antemperance.

·           Store Clerk           : It's a good idea, in the future maybe people need their own brain to do some complicated job, that robot can't. So in the future, store clerk bobot maybe can help. So it simple, easy, and good.

·           Taxi Driver           : It can make the system of transportation being on good control management, and it maybe can help decreasing breach of traffic.

·           Teacher                 : No,  I’m not agree, robot can’t considerate about teach, its hard, just human can do it. But robot can help teaching process, like system informating robot,mannequin robot, calculating robot, absent robot, etc.

Robots in the Home

Robots in the Home

A.           Warm up

1.    How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.

Answer :

I used at least 8 electronic devices, that are :

a.       Smart Phone

b.      Laptop

c.       Rice Cooker

d.      Air Conditioner

e.       Lamp

f.       Fan

g.      Television

h.      Cool Case

2.    What activities do robots do today ? What other things would you like them to do ?

Answer :

Do some artificial intlegant :

a.       Like lamps of all room in my house, get off automatically if there is no people in the room.

b.      The air coonditioner is adapting automatically with out door temperature.

c.       All electronic device controlled by smart phone.

It would be great if robots could act like humans, so it can help conducting activities.

3.    Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What ? Why ?

Answer :

I think we should do our daily activities for ourselves like a consuming, transporting, communicate, rest, etc.

-          Consuming : Because, I’m human, I need to eat, drink and consuming to my metabolism. All human need it, or we will die.

-          Transporting : Because, everyday we are all do activities in different places. So, we will to move to one place to other.

-          Communicate : Because, human are zon politicons, human need other human to do social activities, every human do it.

-          Rest : In some study, scientistsaid that human need some sleep to get rest about 6-9 hours/day for adult (≥ 17years old).

2.       Core Vocabulary

A.      Scanning and Skimming

1.        Find and underline the keyword in the text. The first one is done for you. Try to guess their meanings.

Keywords :

a.              Adopt (Line : 4)

Translate : mengadopsi, mengangkat (anak)

Meaning : take in, bring it up. Legally take another’s child.

b.             Aid (Line : 3)

Translate : bantuan

Meaning : to help someone

c.              Career (Line : 11)

Translate : Karir, pekerjaan

Meaning : profession, job, something to do to earn money

d.              Code (Line : 16)

Translate : kode, bahasa

e.              Doubt (Line : 15)

Translate : keraguan

Meaning : uncartain, questioning about something

f.              Efforst (Line : 7)

Translate : usaha, upaya

Meaning : attempt, result

g.             Force (Line : 6)

Translate : memaksa

Meaning : push an idea for someone

h.             Oppose (Line : 5)

Translate : menentang

Meaning : be against, disagree with

i.               Potenstial (Line : 14)

Translate : kesanggupan, kemungkinan

j.               Serve (Line : 2)

Translate : melayani

Meaning : to do somone’s work

2.       Read the statements below. Which best summarizes the text ?

A.    In the future, there will be at least one robot in every home

B.     In the future, robots will helps us in the home and might also be considered family members.

C.     In the future, we will be forces to buy robots for aour homes.

The answer is B

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About my self

My name is Yulianus Noxus, I was born in Bengkayang in 11 July 1994.  I am the third child of five brothers. I am catholic and of course, Indonesia is my nationality. I live on Masjid Jami Street no. 04 Bengkayang, but for now I live on Karya Sosial Street, Ampera, Pontianak. I like to play footbal, watching movies, and playing musical instruments.

My education background starts from Amkur Kindergarden, Bengkayang  Elementary School 3, Bengkayang Junior Highschool 1, and Bengkayang Higschool 1. I’m currently a student of Tanjungpura University and I took civil engineering subject. The reason I took civil engineering is to achieve a better future with what I’ve learn such as building structure planning, dam structure planning, and many more.

In engineering faculty of UNTAN there are a lot of organization activity that will build our personalities and become a better person in social life. I’ve befriended many people since the first time I enrolled, which I’m sur will prove useful in the future. I really am glad to learn how to manage my time and socialize better than ever. The engineering faculty of UNTAN also have good facility to support students’ activity such as laboratories, classrooms, etc.

I think that’s it for now, I’ll write more next time.